About the Artist

Lanni Sidoti

I started crafting glass enamel jewelry in 2008, but I have been creating artwork with all types of materials throughout my life. I refined my creative instincts at Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. My love of color drives my work. It’s so much fun to experiment with different combinations—the warm and relaxing hues of summer; crisp, cool blues and grays of winter; bright jewel tones and soft neutrals.

My studio in Scottsdale, AZ, is my happy place, where I design and handcraft all of my jewelry. I enjoy watching each piece slowly transform from a simple sketch in my notebook to a glittering new pendant, earring, or cuff link. Follow me on Instagram to see my latest designs and get a peek at the process behind the art.

Where to find me

You can buy or custom order my jewelry on this website or find it at these retail stores.

I also exhibit my work at fine craft shows across the United States. I love meeting people at shows and watching their faces light up when they find the perfect piece! Join my mailing list to hear about upcoming shows and be sure to stop by my booth.