About the Jewelry

You can see in my shop that I work with a variety of materials—primarily silver, gold, copper and enameling powder, which is very fine ground glass in a rainbow of different colors. All enamel works are kiln fired multiple times to achieve their brilliant hues. My work is vivid, with colors of all sorts encased in silver settings that I design and create. Some of my jewelry is accented with gems and gold, to enhance the pieces and bring out their beautiful shine. I do all of the silversmithing, stone setting, enameling and assembling in my studio.

I currently have three lines of jewelry. The variety makes my work more fun and gives you even more chances to find something you will love. After all, doesn’t every outfit deserve a matching final touch? Have fun with your accessories, and brighten your day with a little color!

Sterling silver

The first line is strictly sterling silver, no enamels. Some pieces have stones set in them, or gold accents, but this line primarily plays with texture and shape. This line includes my popular Dit/Dot bangle bracelets, which can be worn separately or stacked, and transition perfectly from casual day wear to an elegant evening out.

Sifted enamel

The second line adds a bit more color with sifted enamel. These pieces are bold and bright, with simple geometric shapes and gradients that add depth. One of my favorites in this line is the rectangle enamel pendant, which I make in a variety of colors and matches well with anything.

Cloisonné enamel

My premiere line is made up of my cloisonné enamels. These pieces contain many layers of enamel carefully painted between rivers of silver wire. This line includes my most complex pieces as well as a range of different sizes. Each cloisonné piece is one of a kind, and they make a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Custom orders

I also do some custom work by request. Please email me at lannij@optonline.net for information on pricing and availability.